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At Optimal Health, we offer premium Personal training tailored to your specific needs. Our passionate and highly experienced coaches are committed to helping you achieve your goals by understanding them, consistently tracking your results, monitoring your progress, and ensuring each workout is right for you. 


Get started on your body transformation journey by scheduling a consultation with us today.

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Whatever stage you are in on your fitness journey, we’ll help you achieve your goals and keep you there.

In-Gym Personal Training

One-on-one training is our specialty. Located in Carrum Downs, at our private facility ran by experienced coaches, we give you our full attention and expertise to help you reach your goals.

Online Personal Training

Can't make it to our Carrum Downs Gym? No problem. Get access to expertly crafted programs taught by our professional trainers from the convenience of your own gym.

Injury Rehabilitation

We’ll help you recover from injury, regain strength, and get moving again using our effective step-by-step process. Utilising state of the art soft tissue treatment protocols, advance rehabilitation training, and high levels of expert care, we will have you back pain free in no time. Our Carrum Downs Gym is home to one of Victoria's best soft tissue treatment practitioners, with experience treating hundreds of complex cases, from rehabilitation after joint replacements, to optimization of World Champion athletes.

Trainer Education

We work closely with Personal Trainers, Coaches, and Rehab Specialists to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Our team are experts in upskilling in the area's of Program Design, Periodisation, Exercise Selection and Execution, Nutrition & Supplementation Program Design, and Advanced Rehabilitation Strategies.

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