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Get healthier and stronger with a fitness gym that has everything you need

At Optimal Health, we strive to give you the best fitness experience with the best facilities available. Our spacious gym is equipped with a wide selection of fitness machines and free weights to help you achieve the maximum benefits from your workouts. Designed with your fitness needs in mind, it is equipped with the latest equipment and sound systems to enhance your experience. Schedule an appointment with us for a tour and learn more about how our modern amenities can help you achieve your body transformation.

Why choose Optimal Health as your fitness gym in the Mornington area?

At Optimal Health, we provide and maintain all the equipment you need for your workouts, so you can focus on your body transformation. We also offer personal training programmes that ensure your fitness goals are achieved. Our professional trainers are committed to being with you all throughout your journey to fitness, and you get free access to our gym when you purchase a Personal Training package.

State-of-the-art gym facilities so you can get the most out of your workouts

Access to a wide range of personal training programmes supervised by our passionate trainers

One-on-one discussions with our fitness coach to give you a better understanding of your needs

Personalised workout plans to help you achieve your goals

Optimal Health is the fitness gym of choice around Mornington and nearby areas

See amazing results with Optimal Health as your Mornington fitness gym

Transform your body and experience the Optimal Health difference now!

Optimal Health

1/71 Frankston Gardens Drive
Mornington, 3201