Injury Rehabilitation

Helping you recover from injury, regain strength, and get moving again

Being active in sports or other physical activities increases the probability that you’ll need to see a physical therapist at some point in your life. Injuries always happen, especially in contact sports, and injury rehabilitation is necessary for you to fully recover. While the methods of recovery are different in every situation, one thing is clear: choosing the right recovery programme is important in helping you regain your strength and achieve your maximum potential.

At Optimal Health, our skilled injury rehabilitation professionals are ready to help bring back your flexibility and prevent further damage. Our physical therapists use effective techniques and programmes that are designed to decrease pain, improve range of motion, and restore muscle flexibility.

Before recommending a customised treatment programme, our physical therapists begin by assessing the type of injury to see your current mobility, muscle strength, and structural imbalances to determine your current weaknesses. After gathering all this information, we’ll start designing and recommending the most appropriate programme to facilitate your fast recovery.

Injury Rehabilitation from Optimal Health helps you on your road to recovery with:

Faster tissue healing and improved joint health

Reduced degeneration and risk of damage

Enhanced body coordination and motor patterns

Increased mobility and range of motion

Relief of extremity and muscle pains

Strengthening of weakened muscles

No Matter what your goal, we can help

Whatever stage you are in on your fitness journey, we have a service to suit you.

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Injury Rehabilitation

We’ll help you recover from injury, regain strength, and get moving again, using the most up to date treatments and methods.

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